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Beginner HTML Codes Tutorials – Learn Basic HTML Skills with Video Tutorials

 Sources of HTML Codes Tutorials

An HTML codes tutorial usually aims to teach novice users or beginners the most significant elements of HTML. Through it, one can learn how to build his own webpages quickly. Some of the basic HTML tags that are often introduced in most tutorials include the HTML, HEAD, TITLE, META and BODY tags. And some of the HTML tags that are often utilized for HTML text formatting include the following:
  • <font> </font>- which is utilized to change the text format on the webpage
  • <b> </b>- which will turn the text within the tag in bold face
  • <i> </b>- which will turn the text within the tag in italic
  • <u> </u> – which will underline the text within the tag
  • <h1> </h> – which will enable you to place a header or further importance on the text inside such tags.
  • <br> – which indicates a break in the line
  • <p> </p>- which implies a paragraph
These are just a few of the most commonly used tags. There are other more tags that you can use but with proper placement and formatting. There are also some books and e-books that will provide you an HTML codes tutorial. One of the best video training tutorials that will easily teach you how to learn basic HTML skills fast is “Seven Easy Steps to HTML Success” by Linda Joseph. These video step-by-step lessons has helped a lot of beginners to easily master the basics of how to make a website on their own within hours.
For any one still looking for a beginner computer training video tutorials on DVDs, “Basic Computer Beginners Skills Training DVDs” and e-Book published by Fred Publishing Group can help anyone with ZERO computer knowledge to easily master how to use a computer faster from his or her home DVD player.
There are also some other beginner training videos that all claim to be the best tutorials for learning your web programming skills, that could give you an HTML codes tutorial. You must bear in mind that not all of them are written by experienced and professional web programmers. So you better be aware of the particular one you should invest your hard earned money on. All these sources aims to help people learn basic computer programming skills and the HTML markup language fast.

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