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HTML Basics – Beginner HTML Basic Skills Tutorials

HTML Basics: Introduction to Basic HTML Skills

Learning HTML is easy especially when you have a background in programming. To start gaining HTML knowledge, you have to learn such HTML basics and understand how it is being used. HTML is a division of the Standard General Markup Language and it is the language utilized in defining the attributes an layout of a World Wide Web file or document so as in creating links between different Web documents.
To some people, HTML may seem intimidating and difficult at first, but once they have started learning it, they will realize that it is not as complex as they think when they first encountered it. And as HTML editors become more and more sophisticated, you will discover that these applications can do a lot of the tagging and functions for you.
Part of HTML basics is having knowledge about a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Knowing the URL of a document will enable you to proceed directly to it. By using a Web browser, you can proceed to a URL by typing the address on the URL space or by opening a URL using the “Open URL” option.
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There are different ways in preparing an HTML document. You can utilize an HTML editor like the HTML Assistant or an HTML editor that comes with your Word Processor. You can also create a text file (ASCII) using a text editor like TED, DOS edit, BBEdit and Notepad. There are several HTML editors that come out lately and these include Microsoft Visual InterDev, Microsoft FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Regardless of which sophisticated HTML editor you use, you will find that most of them will enable you format all your tags and easily detect unclosed HTML basics tags.

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