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Basic Computer Skills Training – Computer Operating System Security

Computer Skills Basic Training Lesson About Computer Operating Systems Security

Welcome to our basic computer skills training centre. Our lesson today will be on operating systems security. Am sure you already know what an operating system (OS) is and its functions on your PC. If you don’t know, never mind; you’ll still be able to read all about it on this site or when you sign up for your free computer training book and lessons right here today!

For every computer user, security of his or her PC is a normally a big issue.  The developers of operating systems know that system security is important too. That’s why all operating systems have built-in security features that make it safe to both navigate the Internet as well as keep unauthorized users from using your computer.

Computer Operating system security is based on two principles and those two principles are what we’ll also be looking into in our free basic computer skills training lesson here on this page. They are:

  • The operating system provides access to a number of resources, directly or indirectly such as files on a local disk, privileged system calls, personal information about users, and the services offered by the programs running on the particular system.
  • The computer operating system is capable of distinguishing between some requesters of these resources who are authorized – or allowed – to access the resource, and others who are not authorized – or forbidden. While some systems may simply distinguish between privileged and non-privileged, systems commonly have a form of requester identity such as a user name.

In addition to the allow/disallow model of security, an operating system with a high level of security will also offer auditing options. These would allow tracking of requests for access to resources such as “who has been reading this file?”

Computer OS security can further be broken down into two sub sections with regards to requesters. But am not going to go into full details of it all right here in this basic computer training lesson today. You can grab your own copy of our fast selling computer operating systems book right here today, at a very time limited offer price and get yourself a complete knowledge of computer operating systems.

PC operating system security has long been a concern because of highly sensitive data held on PCs, commercial, and even military nature. That is why PC poerating systems programmers pay special attention to the security of the systems they are developing.

They want to insure that any delicate data contained on a system is kept private and is only allowed to be viewable by those who are authorized to do so. And on that note, we conclude our free basic computer skills training lesson today. Hope you enjoyed it? If you did, have you signed up for your free computer training tutorials YET?

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